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I mean we go from living in caves, eating banans and picking lice off each other, and then we go to building huge, meholithic structures, and those involve cutting out these massive pieces of rock, weighing up to 1,000 tons in some cases, and then moving these rocks to the building site
You're talking about a development that happened gradually over a period of 2 million years (maybe more, I'm not sure the diet of the Australopithecus). There's a clear line of development to the extent the archaeological record preserves it.

And it seems to me, that the average Mayan had more knowledge about mathematics, astronomy and so than what would be today's 'educated man'.
How do you know what the average Maya knew? These things weren't built as a hobby by the average Maya, they were organized by an elite class who certainly had less knowledge of astronomy than our elite astronomers do.

As for not being able to build it today. I've seen a program that recreated Stonehenge using technology of the time (no wheels for one). They also did it with about a third of the people as would probably have been used because they relied on volunteers as opposed to being the leaders of an autocratic dictatorship/religion.
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