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Re: Talk of Bryan Singer's BSG project resurfaces

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I certainly don't think Moore "destroyed" BSG, but I do like the original show much better. If Singer's version holds closer to it, I'd be all for that.

I mean, we know it'll be different in some way. It's highly unlikely the Singer version could possibly be darker and so it will probably be more...less-dark. (I hesitate to say 'lighter' given the circumstances.)
I think its interesting where Ron Moore left off, you know even after they sent their fleet into the Sun, they still had some raptors with them which could have traveled anywhere in the Solar System and had jump drives as well. Suppose that before going completely primitive and native, they decided to leave one of their raptors on the Moon, and 150,000 years later some astronaut were to find it? In the raptor could be charts of various star systems the BSG had visited on their way to Earth, human explorers could then revisit the 12 colonies 150,000 years later and there could be some interesting encounters there.
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