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Actually no, no proof was given, and I'l ltell you why.
Those two drunk elderly English guys only showed how to make a crudely made circle with a board and string.....yet, I look and read the interviews of these guys....and compare it to the amazing circles and formations showing incredible, mathmatical properties and tetrahedral geometry......I seriously think those two guys coould not even spell tetrahedron, let alone know any geometry. Also, their circles, besides crude and sloppy are nothing compared to the incredible ones I've seen for the past 20 if they did it, they never showed how to make these mega intricate circles, never shown. If they show how they do these, and inthe short time, often overnight, at which these appear...then I could consider them an answer. Also, if they admitted to doing it, why do they keep doing it is they are the guity ones?

Plus, like I said, I doubt a pair of old, tipsy English guys could make these:
And given that now more and more are having binary coded messages, that even sheds more doubt on those old, drunken fools. Those designs above, plus many more I've seen sure give a lot of oooomph, if you ask me.

And as for intervention, I mentioned that many instances, made by people from the military, came foreward and talked about how they encountered UFO's that 'turned off' their nucealr misisle silos......I think that's pretty much a good deal of intervention on their part.....intervening when they really, really need to. It's like when you have 2 bratty kids ready to get into a fight, and each grabs a big, pointy stick. If you walked by them and saw this, if one is a responsible person, you'd go and stop the fight, and that their sticks from then. I think they've intervined many times.
I can't see any of those links, they all come up forbidden

I would like to read the proof that nuclear missile silos were turned off.

Well, here's where I got the pictures: Good site, and Linda has won the Emmy for her work and other rewards for her journalism. You'll find the pictures there, amongst other things. I tune into the radio when she's on and she does appear on Ancient Aliens.

And I believe the military folks who are now coming out after all these years and speaking of their experiences, the ones they were told 'never happened' by their superiors. And I commend them. Search around that site for those ones, and remember, do your own research as well, that's the best way to do it.
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