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Re: Who is the most famous character?

Two hundred years later would Picard, Sisko and Janeway be remember at all? Or in their case, would they be obscure footnotes in history (as opposed to "famous"). Sisko would be famous to the Bajorian people, but the Federation seems to fight a lot of wars, the Dominion War would be better remembered with Admirals, not some Captain so many years later. Captain Sisko had a active few years, but not like the few decades of someone like Captain Kirk.

Janeway is the girl who got kidnapped and had to walk home.

Picard's historical position is firmer than Sisko and Janeway. But the events of the movies might taint his memory, he did denied the people of the Federation a important medical advance.

If in the early 20th century Picard had denied the Human species access to penicillin, would he be remember for anything else today?

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