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I have seen so many strange and amazing things to think that all the universe and beyond consists of only taxes and a 6 foot hole in the ground and then there's nothing. All we claim to know is really just speculation on our parts.
My personal theology is that the most important thing in our lives is relationships, whether that be lovers, children or some dude we chat to at the bus stop.
1: If we are all there is, god sure has a small mind and limited vey impractical, due to the fact that the universe is a rather large place.
2: If we are god's greatest creation, he/she/it needs practise, since we are not doing so well, and he/she/it is flawed right there.
3: If anything, alien life should make your god GREATER and all that.
4: The bible belt folks have a whole new species to try and convert and 'save'.
I absolutely agree with this. This is why I, naturally and perhaps narrowly skeptical about the existence of aliens cannot dismiss the possibility. It stems from a belief in something greater than what we see, perhaps no more than a faith or hope in such a thing. Whatever.. personal god, great net of energy, faux quantum physics.. they all point to it being rather more likely that there is someone out there than that there is not.

I answered this question recently when some troll IRL asked me if I believed in aliens (it was a dig at Star Trek):

If there IS a god, then what seems more likely, that we would be the only life god ever created or that in this vast universe god would have created more life?

If there IS nothing but evolution then what seems more likely, that we are the only planet that ever evolved life or that in this vast universe more life would have evolved?

So. I'm no believer but as far as the odds go I'm thinking we are not alone.
To me, there's more than relationships that's important, myself, I feel that finding knowledge and answers to really big questions is the important part. If an alien vessel landed by here and the aliens offered me a chance to get the hell off this rock, and see what's out there, though I'd might never get to come back, I'd just grab a suitcase of extra clothes, my cat, and hop on the ship.

As I mentioned, if something has good substance to it, it does become accepted later on.....people, especially in authority postions used to believe in these:

The Earth is Flat
Man can not fly
Man will never go to the moon

And those sure as hell changed in time. I feel this shall as well, regarding alien life. Only those with something to lose will panic.
The meaning of the apocalypse is the opposite of what most people think. It does not mean the end of the world; it means the revealing of hidden secrets and the beginning of a heaven on earth. The apocalypse is starting now.
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