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Re: My first voyage with Voyager

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I like your petty mall cop comparison; dead on! Why do you think Neelix is a jerk? Isn't he just misguided? He tries very hard to make people happy...he just isn't necessarily good at it, but I think his heart is there!
I don't doubt at all he's well intentioned. I didn't say he's evil. I just said he's a jerk. Take his behavior for Tuvok over the series of Voyager. He's constantly trying to "cheer" Tuvok up despite however many times Tuvok politely asks him to go away. This is harassment and very petty to say the least. From his behavior he thinks that because someone else has a different set of values, something is wrong with them and he has to fix it.
I think he takes it personally that he isn't getting positive feedback from Tuvok like he does from the rest of the crew. Sure they rib him but Janeway makes him feel needed, Naomi actually needs him, and people show up ever day for his food. And there's Tuvok, engaging in none of the Neelix patting he either receives or derives from his interactions. So he makes this his personal challenge, to get what he wants from a Vulcan.
As I said, he has to be the center of attention in everything. Tuvok doesn't give him that so he has to force himself on Mr Vulcan. One wonders if he does this to Vorik too. It's rather arrogant to assume that anyone should be doting on you personally and to harass them if they don't.

I have no doubt Neelix thrives on being lord of the menu and that everyone has to come to him personally for food. That's why he gets so antsy and childish when someone uses a replicator or complains about his cooking. So say nothing of his possesiveness if it even vaguely looks like another person might do their own cooking.

As for Naomi... let's not touch that one yet since this is a first time through Voyager thread and we're not there yet.
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