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Re: My Trek Through Enterprise: Season One

Fortunate Son... I dunno, Archer struck me as kind of insane in this episode. He sides against his own people because... they take a Nausican pirate prisoner? Because he doesn't want to provoke them? Yeah... good call. If you provoke them by taking one prisoner they might start attacking your cargo ships or something.

Cold Front... yay... yet another cliche time travel episode. It's so cliche in Enterprise, the "Temporal Cold War" becomes a major plot element in this. The intrigue about Daniels and Silik and not knowing which one to trust, if either is interesting. And doesn't really get resolved. Really though, Daniels is a crappy time agent with all the cyptic references to the future he casually makes to say nothing of his "Time Travel for Dummies" kit he just leaves lying around.

Silent Enemy... random ship attacking for no reason... random aliens we never see again. Okay yeah... the food subplot is more interesting. As for Phlox being unethical with digging into Reed's records... next episode...

Dear Doctor... yeah I get the pre Prime Directive Intent... but Phlox in this episode... what the heck?! He not only doesn't care about an entire race dying, but he actively insists upon it and cheerfully so. He cares more about smalltalk and romancing Cutler than he does the people on that planet. Small wonder he just casually let Hoshi see Reed's medical files last episode.
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