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Re: My first voyage with Voyager

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Yeah, I really don't get what Paris was doing wrong in this, beyond taking advantage of a bunch of people who just don't know better. Chakotay barely gets any screen time as is, now he's coming across as a petty mall cop.

Tuvok killing the Neelix hologram was my favorite part. Neelix is a jerk.
I like your petty mall cop comparison; dead on! Why do you think Neelix is a jerk? Isn't he just misguided? He tries very hard to make people happy...he just isn't necessarily good at it, but I think his heart is there!
I don't doubt at all he's well intentioned. I didn't say he's evil. I just said he's a jerk. Take his behavior for Tuvok over the series of Voyager. He's constantly trying to "cheer" Tuvok up despite however many times Tuvok politely asks him to go away. This is harassment and very petty to say the least. From his behavior he thinks that because someone else has a different set of values, something is wrong with them and he has to fix it.

His need to force himself into every single situation also comes to mind. From the very start he just barges into the meeting room as if he's somehow entitled. He never asks. He repossesses the kitchen without asking and is extremely possessive with Kes to the point of almost stalking her at times and getting insanely jealous anytime anyone male speaks with her. And how many times has he just barged on the bridge, telling everyone how they should resolve a situation?

His behavior in the kitchen is the same way. How many times has Janeway walked into his kitchen with a stranger and he gets antsy because he assumes someone is taking his job? Then he has to play lord of the menu so often. He is critical of people for using their replicator rations instead of eating his food. Same jealousy/need to force himself on every situation.

Frankly, I'm surprised Janeway ever trusted him at all after that crap he pulled in the pilot by lying to Janeway about going to the Kazon to rescue Kes and getting the crew taken hostage however briefly. Even afterward Neelix is just dismissive about it too.

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I wonder what would have happened if Tuvok had really killed Neelix. Would Janeway have locked him in his quarters like Suder for the rest of the trip? Or would she have found some Vulcan explanation that allowed her to let him off the hook? It seems unlikely she would do without her oldest friend and adviser.
Being Janeway's provided excuses for her own questionable behavior throughout the series, providing one for Tuvok shouldn't be hard. The only question would be if she promotes Tuvok for it or punishes him for depriving her of the privilege or killing Neelix herself.

To Dreadnaught... this one really bends the arm of coincidence and credibility with the Cardassian superweapon in the Gamma Quadrant. I do like that Voyager is getting perceived as a threat by random civilizations that aren't even random villain stereotypes. Other than that, this really strikes me as a typical Torres fixes something that's broken episode.

As for Tom acting "crabby"? Well, you'll notice in the past few episodes, and in some upcoming ones, Tom's engaging in a lot of questionable behavior. It's part of a little subplot that's running from episode to episode. It'll come to a resolution eventually.
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