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Those folks first learned they are not alone. Some were even taken for a joy ride throughout space (hell, the book of Enock, which was conveniantly taken out from the bible, big suprise,
Not really, it is included in the Apocrypha and read by Catholics and Orthodox.
I think might have actually been one of the oldest alien abductions, if it happened.) and shown what's there. And some even developed strong physchic abilities and empathetic powers Both me and my mom think she's an abductee, because she has had times where she felt she lost time, and often wakes up in the morning with odd puncture like marks on the inner elbow in this patten
:::: and she has no clue where they came from, plus she has some weird object behind her ear, akin to an implant.
Okay I am NOT trying to slag off at your mom but my first thought was, puncture marks? Addict. Object behind ear? Tumor. Let's hope my cynicism is horribly off the mark.

I've watched videos of a doctor trying to remove a person's implant, and the darned thing actually moved away from the doctor's extraction tools. Plus many times the implants that are collected are made of materials they can't even recognize often and so on.
See.. there you trip up. Can't even recognize? I would like cites for that. The universe is ENORMOUS and I will never be one to say "there are no aliens" or even "people's weird ass stories are all crap". But we have many wonderful tools to test such claims and it does believers (any believers) cause good to happily test and provide proofs.
Nothing wrong with peace and good will, I know that sickens some folks, but why not give it a try, ya dig?

To observe us, learn about us, maybe even give us a helping hand, maybe they influenced us, or even effected our evolution. Scientists keep trying to find that missing link between us and olde hominids, it's possible genetic manipulation was done, we're just learning it now, imagine what a millon/billion year old civilization could do? I mean if Star Trek (lay off Deckard ) can have stories about people in space ships searching for and observing strange new life, and new civilizations, why could there not be a real thing out there by some advanced, civilized society? Hell, if I really wanted to use an episode in comparison, I could see us at that civilization in the TNG episode "First Contact" or "Who watches the watchers"

I'm hoping to be able to head to a few different states and Mexico to study some of the unusual structures for myself, maybe even crack some puzzle of code if lucky. I'd also love
to go to some of the crop circles.
Dude, crop circles have been utterly disproved. I would not waste your time. I am sure there are other mysteries which have far more oomph.

As to "helping hand" and "influenced us", where would you speculate this has happened? Because everything seems pretty fucked as it is. I think if they have no prime directive they should be stepping up the interference levels.

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