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Do you really expect a truly alien species, one that evolved completely independent of Earth would be in any way psychologically similar to us?
This is where god comes into it.
Would this be the alien god, or the god alien? I get them confused.
Well, I want to to sit back and try to envision this, regardless what ya you think about my posts:

Picture that you were a primative person, say some shepard somewhere in Greece or whatever. A spaceship lands and outsteps these alien beings with incredible technology, I could easily see some of these people thinking those guys were gods. And if we were genetically manipulated or altered, maybe they used their own genes to make us, like the whole "we were created in god's image" Also, while still on the bible, one bit in Genesis always confused me was of being fruitful and replenishing the Earth....replenish what, though? It tells me there was once a state of plenishment, at some earlier time. Hell, one thing that annoys some folks is when I suggest their Christ might have been an alien...I mean he supposedly had all these gnarly powers, I could see some alien being do that. I say this since legends, myth and scriptures like that often have some hint of truth to them in some form.

Also, some of the other folks, like the Native Americans say not only were the sky people from the stars, but they themselves come from there, too. I talk often to the old Indian guys when they have their pow wows in my neck of the woods, and have conversations with them when possible, and they are probably the best examples of anicent aliens, and they themselves say so.
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