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Well, if you were abducted by aliens, there's nothing to be ashamed of....just because folks make Cartman jokes or whatever....guess what....those folks who make the jokes are often the ones plopped in front of the TV, melting thei brains with American Idol, TMZ, and Sunday afternoon football while stuffing partially hydrogenated soybean oil and monosodium glutimate into their pie holes.
I'm actually pretty fond of monosodium glutimate which was developed by the Japanese from seaweed. It's been demonized unfairly. Don't eat it if you fear it, but I find it quite buzzy myself.

Now, keep in mind I am sure there's good aliens, and then there's bad aliens....the anicent aliens show even goes over that topic. And not all abductions are bad, many folks also had good things come from it happening. Also, you mightbe scared for just fear of the unknown.....fear's the ultimiate poison....but it can be controlled.

Personally, I envy you and would LOVE to have the aliens come by and pay me a visit. In fact, I am planning to soon start designing my own Nazca line type picture on my property, and using mathematical and sacred geometry as a basis for it.
What good things have people had happen to them?

Wait, I already know the answer to that, I live in Hippy Country. Yeah yeah, messages of peace and good will about the coming third age of somethingorother.
From my own studies, there's at least 100 different aliens stoping by here, and the greys are just one of those.
Why would they want to come here if they have interstellar travel? We are dull.

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