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Trek fans especially seem very, very uncomfortable with the idea with the idea of ancient aliens, or just aliens in's like if there's a remote possibility that there's something out there that could be like what they see on the tv screne could be happening, it really annoys them....and I have no clue as to why.
I will tell you my story.

For years I had a phobia about aliens. Not a full blown diagnosable phobia but a big time freak out. They gave me the creeps. Not Vulcans mind you, REAL aliens. I remember when that book Communion by Strieber was in all the book shop windows, just the sight of it was like a cold and clammy fist clenching in my guts. My sister used to make fun of me about this, she would tease me that I could never go to Sedona.

I could not watch a whole lot of the X-files because of this. There is one X-files episode where they are trapped underground in a railway carriage? Or something, maybe bunkers.. and the whole bunker is stuffed with these disgusting creepy grey aliens like the Strieber cover. That was the single worst thing I had ever seen on television.

Anyway.. I didn't talk about this too much because people look at you like you're an idiot or say "but you like wookies" as if that is in any way the same thing. But years ago I was on a forum where this creepiness came up and I talked about my feelings of sickening horror at real aliens (which, btw, I fervently hoped were not actually real.) And this dude on the forum who was something of a guru for alternative ideas very sincerely explained to me that all these awful feelings plus a dream I had repeatedly from age 4 to 17 was ALL because I had been abducted. This was my PTSD residue.

And after hearing someone say that in complete seriousness, and elaborate on and on about it I lost all fear of the Communion face alien and now I just think they look retarded.
Well, if you were abducted by aliens, there's nothing to be ashamed of....just because folks make Cartman jokes or whatever....guess what....those folks who make the jokes are often the ones plopped in front of the TV, melting thei brains with American Idol, TMZ, and Sunday afternoon football while stuffing partially hydrogenated soybean oil and monosodium glutimate into their pie holes. Same for those guys making Wookie jokes......that's like shit telling vomit it stinks.

Now, keep in mind I am sure there's good aliens, and then there's bad aliens....the anicent aliens show even goes over that topic. And not all abductions are bad, many folks also had good things come from it happening. Also, you mightbe scared for just fear of the unknown.....fear's the ultimiate poison....but it can be controlled.

Personally, I envy you and would LOVE to have the aliens come by and pay me a visit. In fact, I am planning to soon start designing my own Nazca line type picture on my property, and using mathematical and sacred geometry as a basis for it.

From my own studies, there's at least 100 different aliens stoping by here, and the greys are just one of those. There's no reason to fear....personally, I think they fear us more, because with all the bullshit we're using with the technology we got now, atomic weapons, and so on. We're like an axe murderer that stumbled upon a magic lamp and were offered 3 wishes....destruction and misery is something we humans are quite skilled at. I think they just don't want us to destroy ourselves and probably so we don't become the equivilent to Trek's Terren Empire....and Deckard, I am merely using that Trek reference as an example of what we might become one day, so there's need to to nitpick that reference, thank you.
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