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I applaud your use of Star Trek as evidence ancient aliens existed.
And I applaud that's all you seem to focus on from my post. Amazing how Trek fans really don't like the concept of aliens in any way, shape or form, unless it's some actor in a rubber mask or something.

All I said was that the ideas of humanity being influenced by aliens in the past was in it, since Trek had these ideas wanted to be expressed...from bigotry to warfare....same idea. I've read science fiction where the authors strongly expressed such ideas. Science fiction's a good median to do so....I mean stuff regarding Veitnam was a big no-no for TV in the 60's yet science fiction like Trek allowed the issue to be spoken of, even if it's regarding a fictious setting and time.
So ancient aliens had nothing to do but come here and move rocks for a bunch of stone age tribes?
Why not? We send folks to 3rd world countries to help feed, clothe, medicate and educate the folks there...could be something similar. I could envision aliens landing here, long ago and teaching the primative people how to build and do things....double it if the aliens might get something in return. It could be anything...when it comes to dealing with someone from another world...anything could happen, since their mentality might be completely different from us. Think of this, there might be aliens who are more humane than any human would hope to be. And I especially go with that since UFO sightings have been increasing, a lot, since we made atomic bombs. I've read about and listened to sightings where nuclear silos are essentially 'switched off' by objects that move with incredible speed and so on.

I've seen many weird objects in the sky that define explainations (most sightings out there can be explained, but 5% can not, and that 5% equels to thousands of signtings...that's a big number), and studied many odd things like crop circles, Cydonia, and so on....and the world's not like what ya see on Fox news, MSNBC, etc...which might upset folks, sci-fi geeks especially, it seems. And the fact that many folks do believe we are not alone and that we are being visited....more so in other countries like Russia, South America and so's not a subject one can merely laugh at and make cheesy captioned pictures for an infantile lol moment.
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