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Why do most of these arguments for ancient aliens boil down to "I'm too lazy to do that pyramid shit, therefore ancient man must have been too lazy, hence aliens"?
Well, why are we not building megolithic structures now? And how come we can't do something folks did many thousands of years ago? There's no real scroll, tablet or anything that tells how they did it. And them going, "Let's build something as difficult as possible....and with mere copper tools and so on". I myself really want to know how stones 100's of tons in size were cut, moved, lifted and fitted so precisely. The Naysayers need to give 100% proof as well....they want 100% proof regarding's a two way thing.

Why do many cultures speak of men from the stars (Sirius is mentioned quite a lot)? They were not idiots, you know.

Trek fans especially seem very, very uncomfortable with the idea with the idea of ancient aliens, or just aliens in's like if there's a remote possibility that there's something out there that could be like what they see on the tv screne could be happening, it really annoys them....and I have no clue as to why.
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