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Re: Ancient Aliens

I myseld enjoy the show, I've bought all the DVD's out there that I can, Target's a great place to get them.

And I am a firm believer in the anicent alien theory, that we were visited long ago by aliens and that we have been influenced by them, hell, "Who mourns for Adonis" from Trek hints at that as well. And from my own studies, many, many cultures, ranging from the Mayans, Native Americans, the Dogon of Africa, the Hindu.....they talk about this, even today. Many of my Native American and Hindu friends talk about this with me.

I mean we go from living in caves, eating banans and picking lice off each other, and then we go to building huge, meholithic structures, and those involve cutting out these massive pieces of rock, weighing up to 1,000 tons in some cases, and then moving these rocks to the building site, some of these cultures not even having invented the wheel yet..and then lifting up and precisely fitting them into position so well that you can't even stick a hair between the cracks. And engineers and arcticects have no idea how this was done, long ago, and can't even do this themselves. And it seems to me, that the average Mayan had more knowledge about mathematics, astronomy and so than what would be today's 'educated man'. Same with us going from horse and buggy to computers the size of a match book in like under 150 years...something does not feel right.

I think it should be talked about more openly, and without ridicule here in the western talk about this to the folks in the east and they go, "mmmhmmm, tell me something I don't know". Mainstream media over here in the western world rarely ever covers this sort of topic, and if they do, it's often treated as something "cute" and having the X-files theme playing, or whatever, and having the achors giggeling, like it's a movie of the week.....yet the same folks are just fine talking about some overrated celebrity's domestic problems, whatever Obama and Romney are calling each other, or Lindsey Lohan's lastest arrest as if it's really meaningful stuff to talk about.

And to me, there's 3 stages regarding controversial issues, like this and they are
1: Denial
2: Opposition and attacks
3: Acceptance.
I mean when Galileo said the earth went around the sun, the authorities had him arrested...and would not even bother to look into the telescope when he offered them to, they were SOOOOOO confident (arrogant more like it) to do so. And the poor guy was unde house arrest. Same hostility is made towards ideas that can change everything, especially if the theory has a good chance of being proven right.

And personally, this will irk some people, but I got no problem with the fellow on the show with the funky hair I like his work....hell, Einstein needed a a better barber, I think, and ya got Obama kissing the ass of that NASA guy with a it's no different.

And keep in mind that our solar system is very young in this part of the galaxy, and all the others are much older, and it's very possible that there's civilizations out there with millions, if not billions, of years ahead of us. To them they cold have technology we could only begin to imagine....and that faster than light travel is normal thing for them, now. Just becayse WE can't do it yer, does not mean they can't...that's a big example of human arrogance that's equel to us being the only intelligent life in the universe, as well as the idea of them landing on the White House lawn....and like nay sayers posting silly pictures with cheesy captions of the propenents of pretty much anything remotely paranormal. Hell, there antiques could make our most advanced stuff look like prehistoric junk.

I'd love to discuss this with other folks on this board who do believe this, I'll gladly give them my YIM screen name and we can talk about it.
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