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A handsome family, indeed!
Ahem.. do you by any chance have a brother or cousin in his 40s or early 50s over here in Germany? I'm kinda bored with being single

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Sorbus aucuparia!
The ripe berries are to be picked after the first frost (or frozen after picking) as the frost will make them a little less bitter (the pectin content, however, is reduced by frost, so if you're making a jelly don't let the berries freeze).
You can pick them before the frost and infuse the fresh berries in water over night and then change the water before cooking them into a jam or jelly. This will remove much of the bitter taste (but also some of the vitamins).
These berries are also good as a chutney (goes well with venison) in which case you throw away the water after boiling them.
In Bavarian they are called Vogelbeeren = bird berries
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