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Re: My first voyage with Voyager

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Favorite part: Two touching moments: One, when Paris tells Janeway thank you for everything. Two, when Tuvok requests permission to stay with her. These two minute sections show the closeness that the characters have developed over time. Voyager is good with small moments, but I would like to seem more continuity between character relationships. A long-standing joke, perhaps a relationship, something that does not just last a fleeting second before it passes!!

Least favorite part: I donít get why Paris is so crabby, and it is never explained. Also, I would like to see Janeway and the Minister get together to celebrate!
Well, hard to respond to this without spoilers for what comes next ... So I guess all I will say is that yes, VOY us good with small character moments. For me, it's what makes the show. And yes, some relationships do build. It takes a while, but ... yeah. And then, when you watch it all for the SECOND time, it actually comes together. Not always, but in a few good ways.

And that house arrest for murder thing? Remember that one come Season 5 ... ;-)
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