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Re: My first voyage with Voyager

Back to the Docs’ name!!! I had just forgot about the ongoing name game…why did they have to remind me?? The Marquis apparently found a Cardassian weapon (Dreadnought) and reprogrammed it to work to their advantage, but it disappeared into the badlands at some point. It seems that Dreadnought reappeared and has a new target. When Janeway calls the targeted planet the Minister of the planet throws Voyagers bad reputation in her face and questions whether they are really trying to help, or if it is just a rouse to throw them off so Voyager can attack with ease. I have to say that I don’t blame the Minister for questioning Voyager; I would in his place.

B’Elanna is sneaky! She programmed the weapon so well she is having difficulty disengaging it. I like how this episode highlights B’Elanna’s strength and fortitude. She really is a strong character who cares about people! It is even rather amusing to hear her basically argue with herself since Dreadnought’s voice was programmed with her own.

Back on the ship, Janeway tells the Minister of the planet that if B’Elanna does not succeed she is willing to try and disarm the weapon by running the Voyager into it, which would kill everyone in the Voyager. I have to say that Janeway’s decision is the right one, and I appreciate her ease with it. Nearly 2 million people could die if the weapon was deployed; it would have been ridiculous if the 150ish people did not try everything in their power to stop it! Toward the end of the episode B’Elanna is still fighting against the weapon’s programming and is willing to kill herself to save the planet. Eventually, she succeeds and destroys the weapon and (as we often see) she is beamed off the weapon milliseconds before it explodes!!

Favorite part: Two touching moments: One, when Paris tells Janeway thank you for everything. Two, when Tuvok requests permission to stay with her. These two minute sections show the closeness that the characters have developed over time. Voyager is good with small moments, but I would like to seem more continuity between character relationships. A long-standing joke, perhaps a relationship, something that does not just last a fleeting second before it passes!!

Least favorite part: I don’t get why Paris is so crabby, and it is never explained. Also, I would like to see Janeway and the Minister get together to celebrate!
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