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Re: A Vulcan raised by elves

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Actually the Holodecks allow for crossover as an integral part of the setting, that's what they're there for! So sure, there could be a "Lord of the Rings" Holodeck program, this is not crossover, as the worlds simulated in the Holodeck are not real relative to the Star Trek setting, but any characters stuck in the Holodeck don't know that.
The problem is the idea that a child would be trapped in a holo program for most of his life and that nobody would notice that a child was missing and there was holo program running non stop for years.
Maybe he was the only one left alive on the ship, and say for instance the warp drive was destroyed and only impulse engines are working. The ship has one holodeck for family entertainment, and something happened to the child's parents.

Stranger things have happened in Star Trek.
Why would a Vulcan child young enough to forget his parents and background be in this holodeck? Would the impulse engines stay online long enough to keep this holoprogram going? Are holoprograms sophisticated enough to last and adjust for the 20 or so years it would take for a Vulcan to reach maturity? What about Ponn Farr? Why would Vulcans be in a LOTR holoprogram? Doesn't sound like their type of "family entertainment".
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