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Help me select a ship

I'm putting togather all my notes and informations about the Trek comic I wanna do when I get my new computers, and I need to find an appropriate ship fo the crew.

It's going to be about the crew going on an exploration mission, occasionally coming back to Federation space now and again, and I need to have the ship to meet the following requirements:

Able to handle deep space exploration

Roomy enough so the crew won't feel 'boxed in'

An older ship (the captain's on her first command, and I doubt Starfleet would give a brand new captain the latest model....I mean you would not give your kids a brand new car upon getting their drivers license, right?), something that has long gotten rid of any bugs it might have.

Not to be armed like a battle ship, but enough weaponry to be able to handle itself in a fight, should it occur.

Something that one can spot out of a group of ships and go, "ok, there's the Starfleet ship".

Thanks for any help.
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