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Re: My first voyage with Voyager

Meld... Yeah just what was Tuvok thinking during this one? I'm going to join minds with a murderous pyschopath to figure out why he's driven into a homocidal rage over not liking a look. Wow, that didn't end well? Who could have seen that one coming?

I do like how Tuvok contempteously mocks Janeway's lack of punishing Suder. I mean telling a murderer the equivilent of "go to your room" is a bit... lacking. Janeway's speechifing against capital punishment will of course come back to mock her in future episodes too. Suder will be back too... I'm sure that will end well.

Yeah, I really don't get what Paris was doing wrong in this, beyond taking advantage of a bunch of people who just don't know better. Chakotay barely gets any screen time as is, now he's coming across as a petty mall cop.

Tuvok killing the Neelix hologram was my favorite part. Neelix is a jerk.
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