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You forgot to tell Timby that Castro worked a 3-2 count and singled in a run in the ninth off F-Rod. See. He's paying off already!
Yeah, and Shawn fucking Estes absolutely clowned the Reds in Game 158 of 2003 to push the Cubs ahead of the Astros in the pennant race. Didn't make him a good pitcher.

I was over-exaggerating earlier when I said that Castro would be fighting for a roster spot in a few years. He won't, he'll be a regular somewhere. But his defense doesn't look to be going anywhere quickly, and most think that he'll be too heavy to play the position at some point during the contract, considering how ridiculously quickly he's filling out. And he certainly doesn't have an 80 hit tool -- when your skill set is "BABIP-dependent singles hitter who runs really, really fast," your ceiling isn't terribly high. He could be the next Ricky Gutierrez, honestly.

Like I said, it isn't an overpay. But I don't get the Cubs locking him down like this, unless they were either A) hoping to flip him or B) paranoid that an arbitrator would look at !~HITS~! and ignore every other peripheral. The latter is entirely possible, I suppose. But I'm praying for the former, just to reverse the trend of every #1 Cubs prospect being deemed "untouchable," only for them to be exposed and then dumped for a box of baseballs.
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