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Re: The Action Figure and Toy Collecting and Discussion Thread!

Diamond Select does the Marvel Select figures, not Hasbro. The ones in my picture are Hasbro's figures. They're a Wal-Mart exclusive line in scale with Marvel Legends. I'm still holding out hope that since these are selling like crazy, and all of the Wal-Marts are stocking them now that we may see another wave with a Black Widow, a Mark VII Armor, and maybe a Chitauri. I'm not getting my hopes up for something like Coulson, though, awesome as that would be.

It does really suck that Diamond won't make a Black Widow, either Otherwise I would definitely use her in absence of a Hasbro one. The scale would be a little off, since the Select figures are taller, but I could make it work. Oh well, comic Black Widow will just have to suffice.
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