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Walter Koenig gets Hollywood Star

Since Walter's not only known for Star Trek, I thought I'd start this in the general SF & F forum.

Walter Koenig will receive his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Sept. 10, 2012. JMS will be a featured speaker at the ceremony and it will be live streamed.

Koenig was one of the seven main cast members of the original Star Trek television series, airing from 1966-1969. That the series is an iconic part of our television history is without question.
Walter has the notable and remarkable distinction of adding a second iconic character to the American television lexicon. In the 1990's he again became well-known throughout the world as "Bester" on Babylon 5. He was both "The man we most love to hate" (1997 poll of 200,000 sci-fi fans) and "The best villain in a series: most evil and complicated character (2006).
Congratulations to Walter.

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