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Type 2 runs in my family--my mom, dad, three of four older sisters, and most recently, my older brother.
On the positive side at least there is more that can be done (in most cases, though not all) to prevent or at least delay the onset of type 2. Type 1 is a whole other ballgame!

Your brother was really cute, too.
He was. Pretty much the cutest thing ever. And in case anyone needs proof:

And my all-time favorite picture of him:
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^He was handsome, huh. Now he has very long hair and admits he looks a bit the stereotypical indian.

Yes, my brother was a type 1 diabetic. He died from hypoglycemia after a tennis match when he was 16. My grandfather also has type 1 diabetes, and so do I.
That's very sad.

I didn't know you were part Chippewa. (Or maybe I did and forgot.)
I'm half Indian half white. Falcon, my grandfather, is Turtle Mountain Band Chippewa.

There are a bunch of Chippewa in my family. Both my Grandpa's sisters got a bit adoption crazy and gobbled up a sibling-set each.

I only know one of them well though. She and my mom are the same age and have always been really close. She's pretty big into her heritage and has taught me a lot over the years. She speaks the language fairly well and has taught me a few words too--not that I can ever pronounce them.
Anishinabek language group is really difficult! I know one song in that language, but that's about it. My mom can speak a little bit of it. The words are super takes like 47 syllables to say "May I have some coffee?" And if I'm remembering correctly, coffee translates literally into "black medicine water."

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