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Re: A&E devloping Psycho prequel series

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It's always appalled me how often Bloch gets ignored or dismissed when the topic of PSYCHO comes up . . . .
Bloch's character was loosely based on Ed Gein, IIRC.
Loosely. But Bloch invented the Bates Motel, the shower scene, the fact that Norman thinks he's his own mother, the fact that the seeming protagonist, Marion Crane, is abruptly killed off early on . . . all stuff that movie critics and journalists routinely credit to Hitchcock.

("Only Hitchcock would be bold enough to kill off the heroine a third of the way through the movie!"--despite the fact that this was straight from the novel.)

A few months ago, when the 50th anniversary of the movie rolled around, there was a flurry of gushing articles about the movie--and you really had to search to find any reference to Bloch. At best he got a subordinate clause or parenthetical aside. Usually, he's treated as a footnote.

And just try to find Bloch's name in the credits of the remake. It's buried in small type in the closing credits, alongside the key grip and the caterer.
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