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Re: What do want to see from a new series

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Romulus Prime wrote:
A non-human captain.

And does the Captain always have to be the main character? Why not have a series that focuses on the 1st officer and how they go from 2nd in command to captain - what a potential for a story arc with that concept.
A non-human captain would serve no story telling purpose. Again, that whole thing about putting actors in costumes and giving them bumpy heads, and then having them act 100% human, being a waist of costume.
I'll just re-quote myself:

There's plenty that can be done. Just take a look back at the movie and show Alien Nation. One main character is human, the other main is alien. You actually get the perspectives of both AND learn about how similar or different "George Fransisco's" family and species are in contrast to humans. Another example - Delenn from Babylon 5 is (arguably) a main character in Season 1, and during this time, we get her alien perspective on events which take place.

The concept of an alien captain can certainly go wrong, but only if the writers follow your assumption that they are just humans in weird make up...

And yes, it certainly CAN serve a storytelling purpose, in fact, it's one of the primary themes of every Star Trek adventure - learning to interact with and respect others, despite or because of differences.

There is a reason that the captains tend to hog the show. The show is ultimately about decision making. In a strict hierarchy, the captain of the ship has all the decision making powers. Lower ranking officers have less ability to make a decision, thus it is hard to build a show around them.
Wow, what a limited vision.

Luke Skywalker - Star Wars
Maverick - Top Gun
Rand Al Thor - Wheel of Time
Rick Hunter - ROBOTECH

What most of these characters have in common is that they don't start out as the boss, i.e. they take orders from someone or several people above them, learn more about who they are and what they can do, then eventually they come into their own and end up as the ones who call the shots. They also have lives outside of the primary adventure, and deal with aspects of their personal lives or "side quests" which run parallel to it.

I'm sorry you think that a main character has to be a Captain or primary group leader in order to be interesting or have the ability to make important decisions in order for a story to be successful or interesting. Fortunately, the guys I mentioned didn't get that memo...

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