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Re: Star Trek: The Next Generation Blu-ray Audio Issues

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LOL! Someone at Blu said there's still a scene where the audio isn't properly centered. He mentioned that there's a moment when Riker beams back from the planet where the dialogue still seems to come from the center and right. Hope he's wrong though. If CBS mess up the replacement discs, that would be very painfull indeed.
I just got the discs and I can confirm this. Right after Geordi says, "Aye, Sir" the audio suddenly and abruptly switches from the center to the center/right. It happens at 35:43. Once the fade out is over and the new chapter starts, the audio goes back to normal (i.e. centered).

Also, the glitch on Troi's dialogue is still there at 20:39 when she says, "I don't understand either, but this is real." It happens on the word "understand" and I've noticed it ever since the sampler, so it's on three separate discs for me. I guess Troi's right, I'm not imagining it... it's real -- and I hasten to add, minor!

So, hold on to your Next Level disc if you have it! (Are they intentionally trying to make it collectible or something? ) It really is unacceptable that "Farpoint" still has audio issues. I mean, anyone with freely available tools from could have fixed it. All that would be necessary would be to extract "Farpoint's" DTS-HD track from the Next Level disc (which sounds fine) and remux it with "Farpoint's" new video stream from disc one (replacing the track with the center/right issues).

Anyway, they put a TNG Starfleet symbol next to the "DISC NUMBER" to identify the corrected discs... so I imagine entire corrected sets should have the same symbol on the spine of the slip cover.
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