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Looks like the next two stories will be single issue stories. I want them to tell 3 issue stories but it looks like these might be lighthearted filler.
The next one is a one-issue story about redshirts. It may not be "lighthearted" at all.

The subsequent one is the origin of Scotty and Keenser's relationship. Since Keenser is a comic relief character in the 2009 movie, that one may well be lighter in tone, but not necessarily "filler". There have been a few powerful one-shot ST stories in comic form over the decades, including several of IDW's "Alien Spotlight" issues.

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Nero can still die at the end but it would have been more heroic to have Kirk trying yo save him and Nero choosing death over life.
He did and he did.

And if the movie unfolded the way you suggest, you can guarantee we'd have had people here arguing that the producers missed a wonderful opportunity for Kirk and Spock to be more vengeful after the deaths of Amanda, many starships and billions of Vulcans.

And you're never going to please everyone. (And neither am I.)
Kirk didn't try to save Nero. He made an offer and then decided to execute him.

People that argue for Kirk and Spock to be more vengeful don't understand Star Trek. Perhaps Kirk-Prime should have killed the Gorn captain after all. I would image that you also believe that Kirk followed through on his promise to Maltz to kill him later in TSFS.

There are ways to defeat someone other than killing them.
We can admit that we're killers ... but we're not going to kill today. That's all it takes! Knowing that we're not going to kill - today! - Kirk - A Taste of Armageddon
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