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Re: post Fate of the Jedi trilogy, OT era series announced

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Ah, right. At some point he ends up there, though. The Legacy comics established that Jag would be declared Emperor, institute a Fel Dynasty, and establish the Imperial Knights order of Force users.
Ah, can't speak to that bit. Haven't read the comic series, just the books.

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Yeah I believe that was really the first time that Jaina embraced the title Luke had given her.
Eh, several writers now have tried to force that title, repeating it a few times here and there. It just hasn't FIT yet, or really even made any sense. It was made out to be this big 'thing', driven by the Force, that Luke didn't really even understand when he was saying it. Being one out of many in a couple big fights really hasn't given it any relevence. Even in the Cadeus showdown, really wasn't much there to play with.

It's something that was thrown out to play with, and while a few people have tried, so far NOTHING really has worked for me with it.

They kinda played with the idea a little when she was training with Fett, but it didn't go far enough towards her developing some new understanding of things, new technique or weapon, or even a big enough showdown (or sacrifice) on behalf of the Jedi to justify what they've put out there...
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