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Re: Futurama Season 7 Discussion Thread

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Well, the season rallied for a while there with some good ones, but the 2 episodes that wrapped up the summer season last night were both pretty mediocre. "31st Century Fox" was decent, but uninspired and rather predictable. It was notable mainly for a guest appearance by Sir Patrick Stewart and for some decent gags here and there, like the various sci-fi costumes they tried on in the uniform store -- Dune stillsuits for the whole gang, then Fry as a TOS redshirt, Amy as a Spaceball, Leela as Barbarella (I think), and the Professor in Sean Connery's bizarre Zardoz getup.

"Naturama" was kind of pointless, feeling more like the kind of "three out-of-continuity-tales" episode they'd do on The Simpsons, since it really didn't have anything futuristic or sci-fi-ey about it. Just a weird one all around.
I was thinking Amy was the moon shuttle stewardess from 2001.

Naturama was sort of meh but I did like Mutual of Omicron.
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