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Re: Buffy season nine discussion thread

^ We already knew that Whistler was behind it/supporting and still trying to make it happen in the very first issue of Angel & Faith.

I'd never thought I'd say that before the comics, but Whistler is making every issue he appears in more interesting. He's become a lot more interesting as a character since he was revealed to be a villain - though, of course, he wouldn't consider himself one. He's a "balance demon", which means that when evil is strong, he helps the good, but when good is strong, he helps evil... and in any case, doesn't seem to care about individual humans one bit - if a bunch of them have to die for the universe to 'evolve', so be it. Though he and Pearl and Nash weren't nearly as creepy here as in issue 1.

The part in Quor'toth was, surprisingly, dull by comparison. Instead of bringing out the darkness, the place seems to have made everyone want to hold hands and sing Kumbaya. Faith constantly telling Angel he's awesome and shouldn't feel bad about anything has gotten really old, and Connor and Angel are nauseatingly sweet and nice to each other these days, so much that it almost makes me wish Connor was still screwed up and hated Angel as he did pre-season 5, since that dynamic was a lot more interesting. I hope the next issue will change that and bring some conflict.
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