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Re: post Fate of the Jedi trilogy, OT era series announced

Ah, right. At some point he ends up there, though. The Legacy comics established that Jag would be declared Emperor, institute a Fel Dynasty, and establish the Imperial Knights order of Force users.

By the end of FOTJ, I was much more interested in Jag's story and all the political machinations inside the Empire than I was in the Abeloth and Sith war.

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She was also instrumental in the Jedi Temple battle in the finale of "Fate of the Jedi".
You have a point. I didn't include it above, though, because I don't feel that her actions there were necessarily tied directly to Jaina having been dubbed the "Sword of the Jedi," whereas, if I recall correctly, she used that title as part of her justification in LOTF for being the one to confront Caedus.
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