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Re: Star Trek Triton Updates

As promised; here's a post on our casting! This process was so fun! Probably because Jason did most of the work with organizing meetings and casting calls and all that stuff, I just showed up and chose from an embarrassment of riches, heheheh. The Ottawa indie film scene is really awesome and there were so many actors who are great passionate people I got to meet. It was really inspiring. I'm so excited to get to work with these great folks and make something cool.

Dan DeMarbre as Captain Barret

When we knew we were going to do a live action film one of the things I was worried about was finding our captain. I thought that the reality of doing this kind of no-budget genre film making is that it would be easier to find a younger actor that has the ability, physicality, desire AND availability rather than an older one. My answer to that was to develop the Young Captain concept, a guy on his first command with a lot to prove and a lot to learn. He's not yet a James Kirk or Jean-Luc Picard, but he's on his way to becoming one.

It's such a hard role to cast because the character is so important to the Star Trek format, and Dan just feels like Captain Barret to me, a likable, unassuming, and hard working guy.

Kidist Tadesse as Lt. Commander Devon

While Commander Devon is initially a foil for the Captain, she's not necessarily the antagonist. They're both dedicated to doing what's right as they see it from their point of view. They're both protagonists, just coming from different perspectives.

I saw Kidist in another film early in Triton's development, and she just stuck in my head. A great actress that has the ability to really pull off this character.

There are two more lead characters I'll get to in another post, but they're not in the initial test scene we're going to film. That scene will just be Barret and Devon, and we're just waiting on costuming now... so it'll be shot very soon!! I can't wait!
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