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Re: VOY Caption This 85; Hakuchi Moya, we are here to caption Chakotay

Chakotay: Tell me, Seska, what does my future hold?

Seska: You will fade into the background, up to a point where you shall become the resounding 'plank of the century'.

Chakotay: Tell me, Kathryn, how much time do I have before the writers turn me into an obedient plank again?

Janeway: About twenty minutes.

Chakotay: Guess I'd better do something heroic then.

Janeway: Not on MY ship, Mister!

Kazon: If you weren't such a plank, we would be off this rock by now!

Chakotay: No, it's Cha-ko-tay, not Pl-an-kay.
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