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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

Actually, mixing cannons and beams is not that bad.

If you attack at an angle you get very high dps, not quite escort level, but enough to kill things on occasion.

I have a dual beam, 2 cannons and a quantum torp in front of my sovereign refit.
The arc quantum torp, 2 beams and turret in the rear.

I use cannon spread fire, torp spread 1 and high yield 3 and tactical team plus tac captain powers to buff damage while having some survival abilities from the ship.

With all tac buffs and the cannon spread I can usually drop shields on my first pass and kill anything with less hull than a battleship/dreadnought with the torpedo high yield.

if a second torp hit is necessary, a spread from the rear torp can do it, since it only requires a minot course correction thanks to the 180 arc.
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