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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

130. Spin (B-)
131. My Dinner with Andre (B)

Spin: An interesting video project entirely composed of footage culled from raw satellite feeds recorded during the 1992 election (in which the participants are often unaware that they're being recorded). The impact is probably a bit less than when this was originally released in 1995; since that point, several of the most damning clips (Dan Rather saying "they all look alike" and asking when Ramadan is, etc.) have been included elsewhere. Still, plenty of this is particularly damaging, and it gives an excellent look into how managed media appearances of politicians are (when they're smart enough not to go off script), as well as the power of the media in establishing a narrative (the total exclusion of Larry Agran is appalling).

My Dinner with André: Endlessly parodied since its release in 1981, this is a nice and quiet little film that revolves around nothing more than the dinner conversation of two men (Wallace Shawn and André Gregory, playing fictionalized versions of themsevles). I don't think it's a masterful piece of cinema, but it's a good film that's worth seeing.

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