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^^ R. rugosa rosehips are also delicious when you cut off a lid, scratch the seeds out and fill the rosehips with a mixture of buttercream and rosehip jam.
From the flowers you can make an incredibly yummy rose jelly: Infuse a few handfull of petals over night in cold water. Strain and press them out, boil the liquid with gelling sugar according to the instructions on the packacke and fill in jam jars.
Version #3 in your fight against invasive roses: rose syrup.
Simmer 1 kg sugar with 1 l water until about 1/3 of the liquid has evaporated. Leave the syrup to cool. Add a few handfull of rose petals and leave to infuse overnight or up to 24 hours. Strain and press out thoroughly, bring to a boil again and fill in bottles or jam jars.
It's very good as a longdrink or with pudding or ice cream.
Works with any kind of strong scented roses such as rugosa, muscosa, centifoloa, damascena, alba and a few old sorts (Henry Martin for example)

Theoretically, syrup and jelly keep well over a year. Practically, they are so good that they hardly keep till Christmas...
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