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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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Please, teach me your methods. I run an Odyssey Tactical Cruiser and for some reason I do no DPS.

Here's my set-up:

note: I'm running all phasers and using two phaser relay consoles.
1) Don't mix beam arrays and cannons - either go with beam arrays front and rear or the single cannons you have in the front now and 360 degee firing turrets in the rear (which BTW are considered 'cannons' for all boff powers like cannon rapid fire, etc.) Also, maximize your Tac Boff powers for your beam array or cannon layout (IE DON'T select Beam Overload or Fire at Will if you have cannons as they ONLY buff beam array powers.)

2) Dump the Photon Torpedoes for Quantum Torpedoes. Yes, Quantums have a 2 second longer erecharge time; but Torps are 'weapons of opportunity' in that they only really do damage when the enemy's shield is down, so you want to save them for when that happens anyway. The big advantage with Quantums in this regard is taht they are the fastest travelling torps in the game, so they have the best chance to get to the target before he is able to raise a downed shioeld facing.
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