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Re: Valiant Comics 3.0 edition

RAMA, Dark Horse did that as part of what I'm calling Valiant 2.5. If you're curious check out some of the online retailers for the trade. Magnus Robot Fighter

As for Valiant 3.0, yesterday saw the release of X-O Manowar #4.
It's Aric's first full issue in the 21st century. He battles a few jets thinking they are just new weapons by the Emperor and boasts they can't stop him. It takes a bystander to let him know their is no Roman Empire or Emperor. The armor then uploads the centuries of info relevant to Rome milestones and he realizes his situation. We also find out The Vine's operatives that are in place on Earth. Now that we are in modern day I'm curious if this relaunch will place him heading up ORB industries or something different + the revelations on The Vine operatives and what they will do.
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