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Becareful what you wish for Sam Adama is a hit man, who makes a living by killing people for the Quatral. Clarrise is plotting to blow up a Pyramid Stadium and kill thousands of people just so she can have an opportunity to upload a handful of people into computers, and the Battlestar Galactica show has Admiral Cain as a lesbian, not exactly role models those.
I think the fact that Cain was a sociopathic murderer of innocent civilians - women and children - made her less of a role model than that of having been merely a lesbian.
Heh, you shoulda seen the ridiculous complaint posts when the Soap Opera As The World Turns had their Gay couple kiss.

"How disgusting, my 10 year old child (or even 6 or 8 year olds) was scarred for life, when he/she walked into the room while that perversion was happening. I can't ahve this filth in my house around my children, I need to give up on the show I've been watching for 50 years"

"But, wait, the show is rated TV14, so, that's a warning they don't advise you to allow anyone under 14 to watch the show, unless you know the content and approve for your younger child to watch it. Plus, it's odd, that you're so up in arms about a simple same sex kiss, yet, you've never posted a single complaint about the murder, kidnapping, porno/prostitution, drug use, infidelity, sleeping around, and just plain lying, cheating and stealing that occurs on a daily basis"
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