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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

I also picked up Justice League #12 just for the big hook-up. A couple of pages of Supes and Diana warming up to eachother followed by a kiss at the end. Nothing earth-shattering. Guess I'll have to pick up the next issue to see the ramifications of the big event.

As for non DC titles, I picked up The Adventures of a Comic Con Girl #1 and Irresistible #1.

Comic Con Girl is about a girl who wakes up after a drunken night at a multi-day convention and heads back to the floor to track down a rare issue of a comic that was taken. Lots of geekdom, pop culture references and girls drawn with nice figures, large breasts and revealing scifi outfits. The author Dana Braziel-Solovy based the title character on herself.

Irresistible is about a guy who is lonely and depressed after being dumped by his girlfriend. Then one day after leaving a strip club, he runs into an old woman who's being mugged. After he saves her and gets beat up in the process, she asks him what he wants. Confiding in her a little, he casually says he wished that all women would be attracted to him. The next day at a coffee shop, an attractive barrista follows him to the bathroom and throws herself at him. Looks like something magical has happened and his wish was granted. Zenescope, which is known for it's characters being mostly scantily clad women put out this limited series.

Guy on the cover reminds me of Bradley Cooper.

Both titles are adult oriented with coarse language and some mild sexual content. Comic Con Girl is fun and cartoony while Irresistible is more serious. I prefer Irresistible because of it's serious nature. It's well drawn, well written, and it does a good job of taking you into the lead character's head, whether he's getting a lap dance or sitting alone in his apartment. Can't wait to see how both unfold.

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