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Re: Your Star Trek Online Screenshots! (Part 2)

Here we go... the full, finished, crew for the USS Salem...

Center - Admiral K'thar - Caitain by birth, but raised by humans from a youngling, joined Starfleet after his colony was destroyed by a Borg invasion fleet.

From left to right

T'ren - K'thar's kitten, ahem, youngling... currently serving as the ships chef, but is eager to follow in his fathers footsteps in Starfleet.

Chief Engineer Duncan Donata - Italian engineer and friend of K'thar's from a young age. They met in the Academy and K'Thar requested him aboard the Salem when he took command. No nonsense attitude and a zest for life and food.

Science officer T'Jen - Half Vulcan, half Betazoid, and doubly confused by either race. She tries to follow her Vulcan heritage, but is constantly confused and bewildered by the emotions she can sense from her shipmates.

Lieutenant K'Ehleyr - Klingon, brought aboard by Duncan to serve as his 'second' in engineering. She follows Duncan's orders thoroughly, but questions everything, even when she knows he's right. Very argumentative and stubborn, but well liked by the crew for her passion and strength of character.

Tactical officer Telas - Andorian - no back story yet

Commander Sabrina Joyce - no back story yet

Doctor Benjamin Adams - Trill, exiled from the Trill homeworld for conducting 'unethical' experiments on deceased symbionts, trying to save their memories for implantation into newborn symbionts, he was requested by K'thar. Despite his 'unethical' ideas, he is strictly ethical when it comes to live patients, and has no qualms about breaking rules or regulations if it would save the lives of one of his patients.

Commander Morgana Johnson... Originally K'thar's first officer aboard The Salem, Morgana was abducted by The Borg during an encounter with a Borg Probe... Half assimilated, Doctor Adams managed to save most of her individuality with his quick thinking and risky ideas. Though she still has nightmares about The Borg, and her very brief time connected to the collective, she has returned to K'thar's side as his First Officer, and continues to work there fighting against The Borg in retribution for what they did to her. Currently in a relationship with Doctor Adams.

In Russia, a 122 year old man has passed away, he credited his long life to abtaining from alcohol, tobacco and women. His last words were "I've made a huge mistake."
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