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Re: What do want to see from a new series

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That's one thing that ST has been lacking: true diversity. Basically everyone is a white, straight American. Kick up the dust a little and make people real, three-dimensional and interesting. They need to write characters we can emotionally relate to.
ENT is a prime example of this. They had a very English English officer, a 'cowardly' Asian officer, and a token black guy. The resident Vulcan seemed very emotional at times and her dispassionate Vulcan-look was a moody pout.

Trek already has a baseline for viewership (how many of us out there would watch a new Trek series, simply because it was Star Trek: 'Something'?), so they don't have to play it so safe. By taking risks with characters and stories they may even attract new viewers (or win back some old ones) by doing proper story telling with compelling characters that we care about.
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