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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

so the game's getting another patch today apparently...

here's the specifics... doesn't look anything too major, so don't know why they'd need 2 hours down time to get the patches working, but whatever...


The inventory window will now only open when opening the status window, it will no longer return when changing tabs.
It is now possible to select the text in mail.
The center console in Shanty Town is no longer buried by an excess of sand.
Further improved Foundry editor performance.
This should make everything work much quicker.
While in shooter mode, holding down the left mouse button will now continually activate the primary weapon ability.
Resolved an issue that occasionally caused the game client to crash when logging out while in the tailor.
Updated the discharge ship confirmation text.
General server stability improvements.

Duty Officers:

Dilithium rewards granted for dismissing any Duty Officer have been reduced.
New rewards are as follows:
White: 1
Green: 10
Blue: 25
Purple: 50
Amount of Recruitment CXP has not been altered.
All Duty Officers obtained from the Fleet Exchange can once more be contributed to Fleet Projects.
This change is retroactive, and will allow all existing versions of these items to be contributed, as well as any obtained in the future.
Resolved an issue that prevented some of the Replicator food from unlocking properly when acquiring certain Chefs.
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