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That's a pity. I wonder what the nature of the differences were. The concept seemed to be pretty clear from the beginning.

I hope this project doesn't self destruct. It could be quantum leap forward for the world of independent creators, or a major setback.
From everything I've seen I think its obvious that this isn't going to be the 50s style space show it was pitched as. I suspect that's part of it.

This again makes me wonder about what sort of guarantees investors have in crowd-sourced projects. I mean, if they contributed on the basis of certain personnel being involved in a project, and said key personnel leave/are left, could those investors demand their investment back?
Yeah, that never occurred to me. I didn't invest based on any one person, although I'm definitely a fan of Zicree, Drexler and the others, but I did invest based on it being a 50s-style (or at least 50s-inspired) Space Opera. Well, as long as it's good, I won't be too disappointed. They're still talking about it being an optimistic visions, versus the faux cynical stuff that's been the style of the past few years.
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