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Re: "Space Command"

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There were elements about the original concept I wasn't crazy about anyway, so I don't mind it deviating from that, all I ever wanted and expected from this is a solid indie space-based scifi movie, so if we get that, I'm happy.
I'm curious as to what you weren't crazy about. Personally, I found the promo videos long on talking up the cast and crew and short on any meaningful details, so there wasn't much to critique except the zooming spaceships and CGI rendered environs.
I wasn't entirely sold on the retro 1950s inspired universe, but as you said, the promo wasn't solid on details, and the video still convinced me to donate, so I was giving them the benefit of the doubt there. Not really a big deal.
And it's not that I had a problem with it so much as that it wasn't one of the selling points for me personally, so if that's part of what has changed, then that wouldn't concern me.

It would be nice for the backers to get more details on this though. The updates have mostly stopped since the Kickstarter campaign finished, at least as far as the creative direction is concerned.
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