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This again makes me wonder about what sort of guarantees investors have in crowd-sourced projects. I mean, if they contributed on the basis of certain personnel being involved in a project, and said key personnel leave/are left, could those investors demand their investment back?
Well, this is probably a look at how studios end up feeling as they watch their investment evolve.

But with Kickstarter, I really viewed that as more of a donation; after all, what can you really do to force the Red Cross to use your money exactly like you wanted them to. The only promise made by the Kickstarter offer were the "awards"; so that would be the area where one could make a fraud claim. It may turn out to be something unexpected; but if they send you that bluray your donation paid for, then they really fulfilled the only arguable contract you had with them.
Oh, I agree that this is probably the case. I mean, how can you stop someone from quitting?

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I've got great faith in Zicree on this; and if Doug is unhappy that it's not going just his specific way, then it's probably better he does step out.
I'm not going to comment on that. That's Doug's business.

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There were elements about the original concept I wasn't crazy about anyway, so I don't mind it deviating from that, all I ever wanted and expected from this is a solid indie space-based scifi movie, so if we get that, I'm happy.
I'm curious as to what you weren't crazy about. Personally, I found the promo videos long on talking up the cast and crew and short on any meaningful details, so there wasn't much to critique except the zooming spaceships and CGI rendered environs.
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