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Steven wrote: View Post
I don't recall any mention of that in the DLC? I think there was a mention of it in Kasumi's mission on the Citadel, but nothing in the Leviathan DLC.
Not directly, no. However, in the main game we find out that the big secret that got Keiji killed was an Alliance raid on batarians holding reaper tech, which of course must have been the Leviathan of Dis. Hence there being a connection.

Evil Twin wrote: View Post
The differences are so minor it's not worth replaying to the end. Just a few extra bits of dialogue.
I didn't think it would be. Indeed, I'm pretty sure the devs made it clear a while ago that the only difference in the ending would be a few lines of dialogue with the catalyst. Of course that hasn't stopped people over on BSN from throwing hissy fits because they didn't get a totally new ending, but that's BSN for you.

Actually, I did wonder if there would be an extra 'slide' as part of the ending montages. Like I said, logically if you pick destroy there's very little to stop the Leviathan from trying to retake the galaxy for themselves again. If you pick control they should be kept in check but in synthesis, they should be singing kum ba yah with all the other green glowey eyed people. You'd think the nature of the slides would make it easy to insert new ones, no?

STR wrote: View Post
Not as good as the ME1 or ME2 ending though. ME1 felt incredibly epic. I still remember the first time I went running up the Citadel Tower. ME2 was far more intense, you weren't really sure if everyone was going to make it (I got Legion killed the first time through).
What bothered me about the London mission wasn't the combat itself, but the lack of agency. I mean this should have been the point in the game where a lot of you previous decisions bare fruit. Did you save the students from Grissom academy? If so then they should have appeared either giving you biotic artillery covering fire (and getting themselves killed in the process) or protecting a group of allied soldiers giving you coving fir and surviving. Did you recruit the Geth Primes? The they should have showed up too. Same for the rachni, Grunt, even Jacob and the non-indoctrinated ex-Cerberus troops. Cut dialogue seems in imply this is pretty much what they intended, so it's a real same it was never implemented.

So...anyone else wondering what the data miners will find in this DLC? More "retake omega" stuff or something new?
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