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Re: My Trek Through Enterprise: Season One

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Yes, Jeffery Combs. I love him as Weyoun the most, though.
Me too

I think he's shortening The Andorian Incident, so there is no ep called Incident
Oh, okay. I guess I would have known that had I looked at the episode list.

Civilization is classic Trek, an episode straight out of TOS era. If they wanted to go back to the roots of Trek they did it with this one IMO. I'm happy they didn't stay there, though it wasn't a terrible episode, just oddly dated and unoriginal.

However we DO get to see T'Pol as a Vulcan Barbie Princess..

Nice picture. Barbie princess, lol. That was close to what I thought. She looks like a doll.

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I liked Breaking the Ice. I dunno, just seemed like a "We're new to exploring space" kind of episode. The Q&A was very annoying, as was Trip's complaining about it. I get they'd be doing something like this, but honestly aiming it at ONE group of kids when you have schools all over the world who may want to watch this is rather short sighted.
That's a good point about the kids around the world. I wonder if Archer and crew did this regularly or if it was just this one time. It would make more sense to do it once with questions from selected schools around the world, that way the crew and captain wouldn't be too inconvenienced.

The snowman was freaking awesome. As were it's pointed ears it suddenly grew. More Evil Vulcan Syndrome. You think it would be logical to understand that their standoffish behavior is offensive to humans and to tone back on it around them?
At least we can say they're consistent.

I was actually disapointed that Trip was the one who read T'Pol's plot device. This could have actually given Hoshi something to do beyond answer the phone. But this is the Archer/Trip/T'Pol show. Everyone else is just glorified extras.

Civilization.. this is an episode I literally had to try and watch three times before I made it through. When I got Netflix, I'd usually pop on a Trek episode for awhile when I went to bed and watch it. Man, this one has very good sleep inducing properties.

Primitive civilization, interference, moral crisis, evil plot behind it all yes these are all familar Trek elements. There's nothing "bad" about the episode, save that it's just all been done before and was thrown together in a rather uninspiring manner.
Yeah, it was kind of okay, but not my favorite either.

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@jespah - beautiful avatar. The baby bat (?) is so cute.
Oh, thanks! It's a flying fox.
That's nice to know.
MA'AM. Hot damn, I can dig it.

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